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In December, we sat down with Dr. Margaret Flowers and Myles Hoenig, Green Party candidates for U.S. Senate and Maryland 7th District House of Representatives, respectively. Our conversation was wide-ranging, but often circled back to the importance of curtailing U.S. military aid to Israel. For a decades, there has been bipartisan opposition to the Palestinian struggle for freedom by the Democrats and Republicans.

Over and over, our conversation returned to five crucial points:

1) The two major parties are more similar than they are different.
2) These similarities are especially apparent in U.S. foreign policy.
3) Unwavering support for Israel in the face of grave human rights violations is sacrosanct for both parties.
4 ) U.S. support for the Israeli occupation of Palestine is directly connected to oppression of an internal other domestically.
5) There are solutions!


We asked Margaret Flowers and Myles Hoenig why an alternative to our two parties is important. They agreed that the Republicans and Democrats are both deeply invested in neoliberal and imperial politics, and that we need to build an alternative.

Clip: 1:40-2:23


In domestic policies it is less immediately apparent, however the foreign relation policies of both parties have been anti-democratic and committed to military and economic imperialism.

Clip: 3:05-4:23


Myles Hoenig responds linking his day to day work with Central American immigrants with US Imperialism. He goes on to explain the bipartisan reality of US imperialism, and that one of Obama’s first actions as president was to overthrow the government of Honduras, which led to the current refugee crisis.

Clip: 8:16-8:47


The occupation of Palestine is focal point for American colonialism. The two major political parties have agreed on few positions as strongly as the support for Israel, despite well documented crimes against humanity and the 5.1 million Palestinian refugees worldwide – still the largest group of refugees.

Clip: 10:54-11:45


The two party system makes critique partisan, rather than principled, so it is unsurprising that Maryland and Baltimore make extensive contracts with Israel. Myles explains how this strong unquestioned support of the Israeli military occupation of Palestine is connected to the militarization of police in the United States.

Clip: 33:38-34:42


Myles describes growing up in the heart of Baltimore’s Jewish community.


“Bottomline: Israel is just part of the 7th District.”

Clip: 16:26-17:48


What are next steps to addressing these issues? We discuss solutions on both the local and international levels.



Margaret Flowers: voting is only one part of the urgent work at hand.



Want to get involved with Baltimore Palestine Solidarity? Email us at baltimorepalestinesolidarity@gmail.com or like us on Facebook. Contact Margaret visit http://www.flowersforsenate.org/ and Myles at http://hoenig2016.com/.

See the full interview on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIlq1-J73xg&feature=youtu.be

This winter, BPS has been an active member of the statewide coalition Freedom to Boycott in Maryland, that is currently poised to defeat a major piece of anti-BDS legislation. Through this work we have seen that Palestinian solidarity is increasingly being seen within the context of a broader set of social justice issues. See our campaigns page to see how to take action now to help fight this legisation:



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